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Are you worried about corona in your organisation? Are there corona-related complaints, such as fever, shortness of breath or a dry cough? Have your employees been in contact with someone who has corona? To be certain, have your employees tested. Having your employees tested could be of vital importance for your business. Have you decided to have your employees tested? And would you like to have the results as quickly as possible? At Covidtest Limburg, we can tell you within 15 minutes whether one of your employees has corona, today. This means that your employees will only have to stop their work shortly to take the test. Unless an employee already shows symptoms or has been in contact with someone who has corona, the (quarantine) regulations and guidelines of the RIVM apply at all times - even if a test comes back negative! Click here for up-to-date guidelines and regulations

Include our rapid test in your corona policy and keep your business going! Click here to book an appointment for your employee(s) at one of our test locations, or contact us to schedule a test on-site at your organisation.

On-site testing
Provided everyone is present at the same time, we can also test at your (company) location. We provide this service for groups of 10 people or more. Ideal for shifts with many people at a particular location. We will do our best to have this test take place the same day. The results will be available quickly, so you know where you stand and what measures to take. If you would like advice on your company's testing policy, or what to do after a positive result, we are also at your service. For more information about on-site testing, email us at contact@covidtestlimburg.nl or call at +31 (0) 6-20102306

Our mobile test team already has a lot of experience with on-site testing of large groups of people. Since the beginning of October, our mobile test team has been to many different businesses and organisations. For example, to Boards of directors who want to safely discuss important matters face to face for shareholders' meetings, but also groups that have to follow a workshop or training that cannot take place online. We test companies, distribution centres and factories before the start of the day if there is an outbreak; as standard or when there is a suspicion. We are also active in the TV and theatre industry. In this branch, we test the entire crew before the on-site recording of a show. These are just some of the ways we help create safety bubbles and rings.

We also find it very important that schools and healthcare can continue, which is why we test at a reduced rate here in the event of outbreaks or in case of symptoms. In addition, we can test VIPs at their homes with added service if they experience symptoms and need their privacy guaranteed, or if they need to travel or have to do (video) shoots. We also offer our location service for occasions such as holidays, anniversaries or birthdays, so that you can safely celebrate these by having lunch or dinner together with appropriate measures! Please contact us by email at contact@covidtestlimburg.nl or by phone at +31(0)6-20102306.

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    Corona in the workplace: five questions about rapid testing for employers

    What does a rapid test test and what certainty does it offer?
    A rapid test determines within 15 minutes whether an employee is carrying the coronavirus and is contagious. If someone tests positive, you can be pretty sure they really have corona. The Roche rapid test that we use at Covidtest Limburg recognises corona in people with symptoms in 96.52% of the cases. If there are no symptoms, the test sensitivity drops slightly. In that case, we recommend testing on day 5 after the possible infection, when the virus is easier to trace. This has to do with the incubation period of the virus: after a few days the number of virus cells has grown to a detectable amount.
    Can I oblige my employees to get tested?
    No, as an employer, you cannot oblige your employees to get tested. However, you can show good employment practices by offering them a rapid test, which you will pay for. This test is quick and painless. This way, you can avoid uncertainty among your staff about their health in the workplace and in their private life.
    What is the best way to offer a rapid test to my employees?
    Many production companies choose to test on-site. Medical professionals will come to your company to test your employees. Other companies to choose give their employees a voucher, which they can use to get themselves a corona rapid test at the expense of their employer.
    Can a rapid test prevent my employees from having to quarantine for 10 days?
    This cannot be entirely prevented, but as an employer you can limit the risks by quickly identifying infections. Even if a person does not yet show corona-related symptoms, they can already be infected and therefore contagious. At Covidtest Limburg we see that half of the patients do not show any symptoms when they test positive.
    How does a rapid test work and how can we arrange one as an organisation?
    Rapid tests use a (Roche) antigen test, which is recognised by the GGD and the RIVM. The corona rapid test can be part of your company's corona policy. At Covidtest Limburg, we assist employers and advise on testing policies. We can also come and test on-site. The costs for rapid tests are fully deductible for employers.
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