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PCR test incl. Travel document € 129

A PCR test checks whether you are currently infected with the corona virus. It is checked whether there is genetic material (RNA) from the coronavirus in the saliva taken. Do you want to go on holiday abroad or do you have to go abroad for work? In that case, the country of destination may have certain requirements to prevent infection with the corona virus (COVID-19). In some cases, a corona test (COVID-19 PCR test) is required and a statement (or PCR Certificate) is requested with a negative COVID-19 test result. Covidtest Limburg also offers this service.

If you test negative, you will receive the result of the negative test result with an official travel document. This statement may be required by some authorities (airlines, travel organizations, hotels) when you travel. Some countries also require a PCR test or statement. You can contact Covidtest Limburg for a PCR test.

Test result

Monday to Friday:
Tests that are taken before 11:00 am will report the result the same day, after 11:00 am within 24 hours. *

Tests taken before 11:30 am will report the result within 12 hours.

Tests that are taken on Sunday will have the result reported on Monday afternoon.

* The 24 hours is based on testing the sample once. In some cases, if the result is not clear, a sample must be tested again to be sure. In that case it may take longer until the result is known.

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