Free Corona-testing for Travelers

The rules for Free Tests for Travelers are different from the normal rules of CovidTestLimburg.

For example, you can no longer register for a group, change your appointment, or change your details afterwards.

Do you want to adjust/change the appointment? Then you must cancel the appointment and make a new appointment. Keep that in mind.

What is “Free testing in July and August”?
Before a trip you can have yourself tested for free at affiliated test locations in July and August 2021, so you can also test for free at the CovidTestLimburg collection locations.
How do I make an appointment for a free test?

You can make an appointment for a free test from 30 June via

You are responsible for scheduling an appointment on time. This can be done 2 weeks before you need to be tested. You must indicate the date and time when you need the test before the start of your trip.

If you want to make an appointment at Covidtestlimburg, enter the zip code of the desired location:

  • For location Maastricht the zip code: 6222NZ
  • For location Hoensbroek the zip code: 6433KG
  • For location Sittard the zip code: 6131LJ
  • For location Echt zip code: 6101EV
  • For location Roermond the zip code: 6042NZ
  • For location Venlo the zip code: 6042NZ
I already have an appointment with CovidTestLimburg. Will it be free now?

Only the appointments made via are free. However, a free test via the coronaCheck app is not mandatory, you can travel without any problems with our travel certificates (pay attention to the travel advice of your destination).

We recommend that you do not cancel your test with us until you have been able to schedule the correct test at at a time that meets the entry restrictions of your travel destination (type of test and validity in terms of duration) and a location near you. the neighbourhood. Cancellation is possible as long as your test has not yet been taken from us.

Which test should I take?
Whether you need a COVID-19 PCR test (also known as NAAT) or a COVID-19 Antigen rapid test depends on your travel destination. Check the travel advice of your destination for the rules that apply. This also states, for example, how old your test may be before you travel into a country, often 48 hours. In some countries the departure time applies, and in other countries the arrival time. Please note that these rules may change shortly before your departure.
How do I get the results and test certificate?

You will receive a unique code in the e-mail with your negative test result. Just to be sure, keep an eye on your spam folder. In the CoronaCheck app you convert this code into a digital corona proof in the form of a QR code. For a printed corona certificate, you can convert this code via The test result itself does not count as corona proof. For more information, visit

For travelers who do not travel through the CoronaCheck app, the travel certificate will be sent by e-mail. Whether this should be shown digitally or printed depends on your travel destination.

What is the difference between a Corona proof and a (non)COVID-19 Certificate?

The corona proof, also known as Digital Corona Certificate (DCC), will be introduced in Europe from 1 July. From 24 June you can create the DCC in the CoronaCheck app. Your DCC will be visible in the app from 1 July. From 25 June, the travel advice on will be updated with the most current information about the DCC. Do you want to travel within the European Union? Then you usually need a negative test result or a vaccination certificate. Or proof that you have recovered from corona. With CoronaCheck you can show these proofs from 1 July 2021. The corona proof for traveling with CoronaCheck is also known as the EU Digital Corona Certificate.

For travel outside the European Union you often need a (non)COVID-19 Certificate. This is an internationally recognized official statement of your test result. The (negative) COVID-19 Certificate is an English document that is sent by email in PDF form. This allows travelers to demonstrate their (negative) test result. This states the name, date of birth, place of birth and ID/Passport number, the test taking and result time, type of test taking, signature of our supervising doctor and data/stamp of our laboratory.

Do I also have to be tested if I am vaccinated?
This depends on your travel destination.
Should children be tested too?
Some countries require children to have a negative test result. See for more information. Testing children is no problem for us, this is done with policy and in a child-friendly way.
Can I also be tested if I do not have Dutch nationality?
Yes. Anyone who travels abroad from the Netherlands and needs a corona certificate can make an appointment for a test.
How far in advance should I get tested?
A country can impose its own requirements on how old your test may be before entry. Check this carefully in the travel advice on Schedule your test on time. You are responsible for that yourself. With a PCR test it can take up to 24 hours before the result is known. With an antigen (rapid) test this can be 1 hour.
Can I come by without an appointment?
No. That is not possible. You must make an appointment via the website in advance.
What should I do if the test location is full where I want to go?
We recommend that you get tested at a location as close to your home as possible. Is this location full when you want to be tested? Then check again the next day. The test capacity is adjusted every day. Still no place? Then have yourself tested at a different time and/or location. Please keep in mind that the test must continue to meet the requirements of your travel destination. No location is not a valid reason to take the test too late.
What should I bring to my test appointment?
Your appointment confirmation and proof of identity.
Which tests can you book at the expense of the government?
The PCR test and the antigen rapid test. You will receive the results via the CoronaCheck app from 1 July 2021. This serves as proof at the border, on board the plane, train, bus or boat. It is also possible to travel with paper proof.
Can I also be tested at government expense if I travel back to the Netherlands?
No. The subsidized test applies to travelers who travel abroad from the Netherlands.
Can I also take the subsidized test if I do not have Dutch nationality?
Yes! Anyone who is going to travel abroad from the Netherlands can make an appointment for a test.
From when can I get tested for travel at the expense of the government?
The new arrangement will take effect from 1 July 2021 and is valid until 31 August 2021.
If I book a test with you now, will it be reimbursed by the government?
It is only possible to get your test reimbursed by the government if you book via the website. Covidtestlimburg is also a member of this. A test booked via the site of itself is not reimbursed by the government.
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