This disclaimer applies to the totality of the content on the website and the services of Covidtest Limburg..

The test technology used by Covidtest Limburg and its partner laboratories has been validated by the RIVM and/or the WHO (Abbott Panbio Ag test). In almost all cases, this provides a very reliable test result, on time. However, there is always a very small chance (<1%) of a so-called false positive result (you are not infected, but the test indicates that you are infected) and a small chance (10%) of a false negative result (you are infected, but the test does not indicate it). In addition, there is also a small chance that the sample collected from you cannot be tested for other causes (for example, due to recent oral use of medication, alcohol, mouthwashes and/or other contaminants in the mouth, throat and sinus cavities). In such cases, we offer a new test as soon as possible, to try to give you a result as soon as possible. Whether we are able to do this depends, among other things, on the use of the test availability by designated priority groups such as the medically in need, healthcare workers, etc. Test results are never 100% reliable. You therefore cannot derive any rights from the result of a test. In addition, Covidtest Limburg and partner laboratories are not obliged to provide information on/evidence about not being able to deliver a test result (on time).

Negative COVID-19 test result and declaration

Covidtest Limburg monitors the testing process and the issuing of a Negative COVID-19 test result and declaration very carefully. However, Beautyfood cannot guarantee that in all cases a Negative COVID-19 test result and declaration will be issued in time before the start of your trip or otherwise. Sometimes this is not possible for various reasons, as indicated above. In the event that this means that you are not admitted by your travel organisation or the country of destination, Covidtest Limburg is not liable for any damage resulting from it and/or costs associated with it.

General information

We do our utmost to ensure that all information presented by us is complete, accurate and up to date. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee the reliability of the information on our website, including information about the coronavirus and the available tests. All information provided by us about the coronavirus, the various types of tests and related topics is based solely on reporting from official bodies. Also taking into account the rapid developments surrounding the coronavirus in (medical) science, it is expressly the user's own responsibility to inform themselves correctly and comprehensively about this. No rights can be derived from the information provided by us. In case of doubt or questions about the coronavirus, the treatment methods, the various tests or their reliability, please contact a qualified medical care provider or an authorised (government) body such as the RIVM or the GGD.

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