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Antigen rapid test € 42,50

The rapid test will show within 30 minutes whether the swab taken from your nose contains coronavirus antigens. Antigens are proteins that are on the outside of the coronavirus. If the test is positive, then we know for sure that you carry corona in your nose and that you could be contagious. With a negative test you are probably not contagious, but because very small amounts of virus can be missed or the viral load is too low, we cannot rule this out.

This Antigen Test has been examined and validated by academic centers on behalf of RIVM. The test has a diagnostic sensitivity (sensitivity) of 96.52% and a diagnostic specificity of 99.68% in people with complaints. If the test is positive, we are sure you have corona.

When is the best time to test?

If you have been in contact with the virus, there is an incubation period of 2 to 14 days. The incubation period is the time between the moment of infection and the disease. In case of complaints you can have yourself tested immediately. If you suspect that you are infected and you have no complaints (yet), it is useful to wait a few days before testing. The rule of thumb here is 5 days after the possible contamination has occurred. If you want to test yourself earlier, you can of course. However, in case of a negative test, it is advisable to have another test a few days later.

Need a medical certificate?

If you need a medical statement / certificate, if you are tested negative, please tick this option here. We will then email you the medical statement / certificate in English.
May be necessary or desirable if you:

  • Traveling by car outside the Netherlands
  • Traveling to countries where no corona-free declaration by means of a PCR test is required. (inform yourself well in advance)
  • Must provide an official document / proof of a Covid-19 Antigen test
  • Wants to be in possession of a medical certificate that an Antigen test has been administered.

Test result

You will always receive the test result within 30 minutes to the e-mail address * you have specified. If you have requested a medical document for the test, you will receive it within 60 minutes after taking the test..

* If this is not the case, please contact us; +31610961825

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