About us

In October, a group of entrepreneurs in collaboration with a BIG-registered general practitioner initiated Covidtest Limburg.

Covidtest Limburg works with certified COVID-19 swabs, which are handled by skilled healthcare workers under supervision of and in collaboration with the BIG-registered general practitioner.

You can find our test locations in Sittard-Geleen, Parkstad Heerlen, and Maastricht here:
Parijsboulevard 205 6135 LJ Sittard
De Koumen 146 6433 KE Hoensbroek
Fregatweg 52B 6222 NZ Maastricht
Westhoven 4 (overzijde) 6042 Roermond

If you have specific questions, please check our FAQ page first.

You can also contact us by email at contact@covidtestlimburg.nl or by phone at +31(0)6-20102306

The result

Since we must strictly adhere to the hygiene protocol and the 1.5 meter distance rule, it is not possible to allow you to wait 15 minutes for the results. That is why, after the test, you will receive your result by email within 30 minutes.

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